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carve your own ring workshop, September 20, 6:30 - 9 PM

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Join me for a fun, creative workshop where you will be fully guided through the process of making your very own one-of-a-kind ring!

Beginning with a slice of jeweler’s wax, we will use simple hand tools to create a basic ring form. Then it gets fun! You can add texture, special details, or a nice smooth finish. Whatever your vision is, we'll make sure you leave with something comfortable and well-made that you'll be proud to wear. After the workshop, your wax model will be professionally cast in solid sterling silver, and lovingly hand-finished & polished by me (Jules!) in my Calgary studio.

You will be provided with all the tools and materials you will need to create one ring. There will be time to discuss your design ideas before you get started (or, if you're still thinking, to help you consider some different options), and I will demonstrate some very easy techniques that can be used to shape and texture your carving. I’ll be there to help you every step of the way as you work, so it will be 100% stress free!

If you have a curiosity about jewelry making and/or a desire to wear (or gift) a special self-made creation, this workshop is for you - NO prior experience is required.

*please note that this is *not* a technical workshop for jewelers - we will not be delving into advanced carving techniques, production casting, mold making, etc.

Date: Friday September 20th

Time: 6:30 - 9:00 PM

Location: 918, Centre St N (Calgary) - in the Tigerstedt Market

Age: 18+ - just to be on the safe side - we will be working with very very sharp tools!!!

Here are some answers to questions you may have! If there's something that's not covered here, please email me - hello(at)julessontag(dot)com and I'll be happy to help.

How wide can I make my ring?

Your class fee covers a ring up to 5 mm wide. Want something a little bolder or like the feeling of wearing a nice heavy chunk of metal? Thicker/wider rings can be made for an additional cost, based on the final weight of your piece in silver. This can be calculated on the night of the workshop and paid with credit card or e-transfer.

I’d like to participate but I have NO idea what to make!

No problem! I’ll provide some examples of shapes and textures you might try, and photos for inspiration to get the wheels turning. And if nothing seems right, don't panic! Consider creating something simple in design such as a plain round band - classics are classics for a reason and the fact that it's made by YOU is what makes it special :)

I'm not a 'silver person' - can I choose a different metal for my ring?

Silver is a nice option because it requires very little upkeep if you wear it frequently. However, if you wear bronze or brass regularly and you know and love what it's all about (antiquey-tarnishing when it gets wet, potential skin discolouration etc.) I will be happy to cast it in either of those metals for you. Yellow or rose gold plating on top of your silver is also a nice luxe option (without that solid gold investment!), and if you reeeaaaaallllly love your ring or have plans to make something extra special such as a commitment / wedding band, we can definitely chat about casting it in solid gold.

I'd like to make this ring as a gift for someone. Will that work?

Sure! You just need to come prepared with their correct ring size. Most jewelry stores will size for free. Make sure you measure the exact finger the ring will be worn on, and keep in mind that the width of the band will affect the fit. For wider bands, we typically go up a half or full size vs. a thin band worn on the same finger. If you're sizing with a thin band, make a note of that and I can help you decide whether to adjust based on your ring design. Alternatively, if you'd like to pick up a free ring sizer to use at home prior to the workshop, send me an email - I've got you covered!

When will my ring be ready?

I will do my very best to have your ring ready for pickup within 8 weeks. I appreciate your patience as I'm a one-woman show and in everything I do I am committed to meticulous craftswomanship. Plus, after all that work you put into making it, your awesome creation deserves the best!!

If you would like to have your finished ring sooner for a special occasion please let me know and we can discuss options to expedite the process.

How do I pick it up?

I will make myself available for 2 different pick up events - times/locations TBD together as a group on the night of the workshop.

I’ll be coming in from out of town just for the workshop, how can I get my ring when it’s done?

I can ship it to you, no problem. Thanks for making the trip!!!

Cancellation/refund policy:

If you need to cancel for any reason up to 5 days before the event I will offer a full refund. After that, I am unable to refund your payment (unless you can find a friend to take your place or there is someone on the waitlist). Of course please get in touch if there are exceptional circumstances and I will do whatever I can to help.

Will my friends and family be super impressed when they see my ring and I tell them I MADE IT?